New Goats. Help!


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
Central Arkansas
I picked up these three pretties today. They were living off of brush and one scoop of feed for all three, and being wormed with the crumbles, which we all know are worthless.

What should I do first? The Males are especially thin, and I'm concerned why their buts are arched up like that. The multi os a wether, and the brown and white is a buck. The brown is a solid doe, and the obvious ringleader. They let her eat first, follow her, etc.

ShouldI worm first, or bulk them up first, or what? They are also not used to being handled, so worming will be fun! Any injectable wormers I can use.

But, I think they will be very pretty once I get some meat on them, especially the buck. Does he look pure Boer? He loves having his ruff scratched.

I have Valbazen at hand, but if the doe is pregnant, I dont want to risk abortion. Panacure is still fairly effective here, and I can also get ivermectin easily. We have a great co-op here.








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they are beauitful!!

i would fatten them up if they were my goats

we give ours sweet feed and boss 3:1, 3 parts sweet feed and one part boss.

i have horse hay out free choice, minerals and baking soda.

My first instint is to feed those babies. I would make sure I had some probiotics though. you don't want them to to bloat. We got a pair of spanish cross females that were very thin. Didnt worm them right away wanted to build them up first. But then if they are wormy will they put on any weight.
i forgot to put on here that you can tell that they are anemic from worms by looking at there gums and the whites of there eyes. there should be a pinkish hue to them. if there is not and they are white with no color to it they are anemic from worms.

I don't think your buck is pure boer. I know i'm kinda random.

I would worm them first.. it can only help, so they can fatten up faster.
I may be wrong though...
No the buck is maybe a boer cross. I would worm them (panacur) and feed them
If thier gums are white you can give them some childrens pedilyte in thier water and that will help with the hydration. Try getting some "Bounce Back" from your feed store and mixing that with their water. Also dont feed too much grain, they really need roughage, hay weeds grasses. Call your vet and maybe schedule a home visit with him. If you worm them and are still not sure, get a fecal sample and take it to a vet, they will do a culture and let you know if they are still infected. Good Luck!! Those are some pretty goaties!!
You want to worm first and Valbazen is safe for the doe. You dont want to continue feeding the worms and not the goats. Also you need a good loose mineral and goat feed as its higher in copper than horse feed. Also all the hay they can eat. I would worm and then 10 days later worm again and then 10 again. This breaks the worm cycle and they will start putting on weight almost after the first worming. Copper is a nessitity also some Bo-se shots will help the immunity...Go slow on the grain and let them have hay. Jump starting them into grain can cause bloat ...not good.It overwhelms the system.
Yep some Probotics should help. They all look to be crosses with either Alpine or Nubian and Boer.

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