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10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Hello, I am new to this site and to chickens. My first question is do I have to have room for chickens to run free or can they stay in a coop all the time. I don't live in a place where I can let them go.
Thanks, Todd:):
from Indiana. You don't have to let them freerange, But there are alot of coop designs out there, where they have a house and small run area, that doesn't take up to much room. How big depends on how many you have.
Hi and welcome to BYC!!!!! Like the above poster said, just depends on how many you want as to how large the coop and pen should be. A few large ones would do well in an A frame portable coop/pen that you can move around the yard. Look in the coops/pens threads and it can give you some ideas
Thank you for the responses. I want enough chickens for eggs for a family of four and a couple for meat. Does the cost of feeding the outweigh the cost of just buying eggs and meat at the store?
The cost of feed for egg layers is cheap when compared to the cost of the higher quality egegs (like free-range or organic). But only if you don't factor in the cost of setting up the coop and run

Not sure on the meaties.

There's a hard to price variable, though; You'll KNOW your chickens are well-cared for and happy. That's a hidden benefit that's hard to equate with costs. But it means a lot for my family's peace of mind.

Also, are you sure you can do the deed when it comes time to harvest the meaties? Not just the intestinal fortitude, but would the neighbors or family pitch a fit?

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