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Jun 2, 2011

Just joined and looking forward to learning all that I can on raising chickens in the back forty.

My wife and I live in Holland, MI. She has been thinking about getting a few chickens, and ran it by me to see what I thought. And as you know...a happy wife, a happy life:) So now, here I am. It wasn't to hard to convince me, as I kind of dug the idea also. I'm going to build her a small coop (4 to 6 chickens) and hopefully get some chickens in the next couple weeks for mainly egg laying and entertainment. We'd like to get a couple Road Island Reds and a couple Plymouth Rocks.


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Hi there Holland MI,
I know right where that is.

You and your wife will love having chickens and having eggs. I have Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets-- 6-months and just starting to lay. They are very docile, and they are very smart-- reputed to be able to 'take care of themselves' and evade predators. My other is a golden comet hen-- an amazing wonder chicken that lays giant medium brown eggs---even though she is just a little thing. (Good feed conversion ratio).

Your choices should be able to do well in your Michigan winters....and you have a great experience ahead of you. Hats off too for supporting your brilliant wife. Once you start eating those backyard will definitely wonder why everyone on earth doesnt have their own backyard chickens.



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Jun 3, 2010
North Carolina
Welcome from eastern North Carolina. We are fairly new to raising chickens, so BYC has been a BIG BLESSING since the first time almost a calendar year ago! I'm sure you will enjoy all the great advice and encouragement you are sure to get... and YES... you'll really enjoy your chickens!


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Oct 15, 2008
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DH was born and raised in Holland, we go back a couple of times a year -- great place! I hope you enjoy your birds. DH thought I was a little crazy when I first brought up the idea but even he enjoys them now.

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