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Feb 6, 2010
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This is our first time hatching. I have 12 coturnix eggs in the bator, lockdown was yesterday. How long do they take to get out of their shells once they start breaking the shell. Is it a day or only a few hours? No signs of anything yet. My kids are getting really excited (me too), but we don't know what we are looking for to know if everything is going OK. Humidity is at 65% and temp is at 98.
Well, temp and humidity are fine as far as I'm concerned.
Every hatch can be different so exact days can be hard to calculate. Mine usually pip then take 2 days off before they hatch. Sometimes, they will take less than a day to pip/zip then hatch. It's really up to the chick.

I get my bulk hatch between 18 and 19 days. I don't give up on eggs until after day 22.

A pip should look something like this.

I know it may be hard to see, but the white crackles on the egg in the forefront is a pip. The egg just behind it also has a pip. That is what you are looking for right now.
I have 57 eggs due Sunday as well! I am moving them to the hatcher this time, it has a better humidity and less airflow on eggs than my brinsea, I cant wait to see what happens! I love coturnix quails, my oldest hatch is now outside and thriving in the snow covered outside world. The A&M's are in my kitchen, and I have my quailbox set up for this new hatch due soon! I have a lot of extra roo's from the first hatch so will be fairly soon before I let you all know how good they taste!
Thanks for the great sign of pips yet, but we have got 4 out of 12 jiggling. The kids say they are starting a jigglefest! That means there's someone alive in there. First hatch nerves and excitement are building....
Woohoo! First one pipped this morning! i can see a little beak moving. Wish the kids were here, but maybe they'll get to see our first arrival when they get home from school. I'm so excited. still got other jigglers, can't see any other pips yet.
How did your hatch go? Mine is still going on, I have 13 peeping in a box, and one wiggly egg and one pipped egg. I certainly hope more are coming! Nothing can beat the hatch I got from JJ though, I had 30 out of 60 hatch. Today I separated the males from the felales.. I only have 10 hens!! I think.. Anyway the extras are in a seprate pen fattening up lol, and i saved 2 of the heaviest males for the girls. They weighed 6.5 each. They are 6/7 weeks I think.-
they are like little roman candles, they all seem to zip and hatch at the same time. Don't blink because you may miss it. they are not like chickens and dont take long to pop out. Usually not long after they pip is when they zip. I have 120 eggs due on the 15th. jjust watch and enjoy.
Well 3 pipped and zipped mid morning yesterday, then 2 more mid afternoon. (one of the latter died in the bator while drying out :-( ) so there are 4 in the brooder. Nothing else happening in the bator today....(day 19) but still hoping the other 7 eggs will do something

The 4 in the brooder are the cutest things I've ever seen. all our other critters are feeling very 2nd class at the moment.

Good luck with your hatches. We'll be ordering more eggs im sure. So much fun watching them pop their tops

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