New hatch with be due 12 May if all goes well


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Sep 25, 2011
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Started incubator tonight to get stable for eggs that I will be put in Sunday. I will be setting 42 egg this time. I am using a little gaint with a automatic turner. I sat 30 eggs last time and end up with 14 chicks which are doing great by they way. I hope the out come this time is at least that good. Part of the are buff ophrington and golden laced wydotte mixed the others are rir and domique mixed. Anyway anyone else starting with the hope of a mothers day hatch good luck.
Starting 42 eggs tomorrow morning this should give a hatch date of around 12th of May Mothers Day anyone else starting egg tomorrow
I am hatching Wyandottes for a friend. They are due to hatch May 12. 10 eggs, hope to get a least 50%. He got the eggs at auction so we know nothing of the breeding background. I had an excellent hatch last week. Set 6 shipped Brabanter eggs, 4 hatched. 67% is almost unheard of for shipped eggs!

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