New hedgies are home! *pics*


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
Well... we've been through a lot of downs on our "farm". Our female failed to produce, and it's dragged on and on. However, I've refused to give up and we'll be getting two new beautiful baby girls on the 8th. Photos belong to Gail Dick.

I'm still not sure what we'll name them... I think we'll wait to see their personalities.


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They are, aren't they? I can't wait to see them for the first time and snuggle them. They'll be traveling inside my jacket all the way home!
So cute! You all are making me want hedgehogs. They seem to have been developed a lot by breeders since I was a kid.
So do I. This little girl will be the first heavier snowflake I've owned. It's like opening a present once snowflakes go through adult quilling. She could turn out to be mostly white or have more regular quills. So exciting!

I'm both too young and got into them too late to see the real developments, but if they were flying as fast as the colors are right now it is amazing. From the limited thing I've read, the long eared hedgehogs and tenrecs are also making strides.
Yep, sure are!
I have yet to see any LE's on the "mainstream" market if you know what I mean, as there aren't very many of them. However I do know a tenrec breeder - Shelley down at Beach Bum Hedgehogs. However, I've heard they're still dealing with aggression issues with them. Though I'm sure if you asked Shelley she'd be honest about it. I do think they're sorta funny lookin'
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