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    Jun 17, 2015
    So I got this new lovely pekin hen, she was living in a little yard with her drake and apparently a racoon attacked the drake and killed him. So the owner decide to give her away, because as sometimes can happens with people they think duckling looks cute till they grow up. Anyway she didnt want to get any other duck so she gave it away to me, since I have a pond and 3 acres that she can run around with my other ducks (3 rouen and 2 penkin).

    Here is a little bit of history with my flock: I have an old rouen drake that came with 2 pekin hen and a couple (drake and hen) of juvenile rouen that came later, all a year old. Since time ago I have been noticing that the juvenile rouen its rougher with one of the old pekin to the point of singler her out of the group and she doesnt even have feather in her neck. So she always stay away from the group in general, so far have not been a major issue.

    Now with this new girl both drakes have got into her pen where I had her till everybody feel confortable with her presence and attacked, matted her so rough that she is missing feather everywhere. I took them out and pen one of the drake (the one who is rough with the old pekin). Then after a while a saw the rouen drake and hen attacking the new pekin hen.

    I know they have to stablish a flock order, but I couldnt stand that behavior any longer, so I have to put her in a duck house. She is scare, I cried and do not know what to do. This seems to be a pattern with rouens. More like a racism issue. That was really aggressive and scary!

    I do not want to take the desicion of giving away all my rouens, but in comparisson with my runners, pekin and madarins, rouens are "mean" and they do not even get close to me or eat from my hand as the other do. I am also always having problems to pen then back since they are the only one who do not listen to me. I love them no matter what but this aggresive behavior towards other ducks is killing me.

    Any suggestion? I am really troubled!
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