New Hen in with my 14 Week Olds

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8 Years
Apr 5, 2011
We have 15 14-week old chickens in our coop/run. Today a friend of ours dropped off her 1 year old hen. She used to have four chickens but her coop wasn't protected and coons got all but the one hen, Gracie. She knew we had chickens and asked if we wanted her. Of course, we did. We introduced her to our chicks today. There was very little pecking. One of our roosters, our Dark Cornish, was a bit aggressive, but nothing outrageous. By the end of the day, they were all eating with her and not paying her much attention. She is a bit bigger than the rest of out birds, so we weren't too worried. Although, she was in the coop for less than an hour when our roo crowed for the first time. We weren't even sure that particular bird was a rooster until that point. lol They are all hunkering down for bed now. All 15 of our original birds are on one end of the roost bar, all cozied up. Gracie is by herself on the other end. Is that normal for the first day? The rest of the chicks have been together since day 1.

My question is this. Is there anything else I need to do to make her transition easier? Thanks for any & all advice.
When I introduce newbies to the flock and they isolate, I wait until they are all hunkered down and take the lone bird to the group. They always let her snuggle up. I think in the morning they are surprised to see a new chook in the pile, though!

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