New hen showing this ok?

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    Jul 9, 2011
    We have 14 hens and I really don't know which one is at the top of the pecking order. None of them have ever been overly aggressive...just little things here and there. We just love how well our flock gets along. We have no rooster. They free range all day.

    We received a new hen from a neighbor last week and put her in a separate enclosed run out with our other chickens so that they could get acquainted. Just last night, we put the new hen (Grace) in the coop with the other hens when it was bedtime and had no problems. This morning, Grace is trying to be boss!! Here I was worried that the other hens might give her a hard time and she's the one bullying them! Is this normal? I really don't want her coming in and chasing off the other girls. I have a flock block out with them and she walked right up to it and chased the other hens away. Should I be worried yet, or just give it a couple of days?
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    I'd definitely just watch for now. Most likely they will work it out without blood. Hopefully she is just reacting to being the low one in the pecking order, usual for an introduced bird.

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