New hen still getting picked on

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    Mar 16, 2010
    First, I joined BYC about a year ago when I got my first chicks from TSC. I still get on BYC pretty often, but mainly just to read (and sometimes laugh!) at stories and such.

    But, I am in need of some advice, and cant think of a better place to seek help!

    I bought an EE hen at an auction about 2 weeks ago. She was quarantined ( and none to pleased about it ) and then I put her in a pen where she could see and interact with my flock of 5.
    Big Roo, my 15 lb Dominique Rooster, loved her immediately ( he is quite the ladies man ). Raven, an australorp, clucked at her a few times, but didnt seem worried. Napolena, my bantam TSC special of some sort, really didnt care. Henny Penny, another TSC special, couldnt care less.... then we get to Mini Roo.. He's a golden duckwing OEG. He has completely gone insane.

    I probably caused this problem myself when I just let her out with everyone, after interating from the cage for only a day. When they are in the yard, all is fine. She goes on her way, and my flock stick together and do their own thing. Now night time, is a totally different story. The first night they were in the coop together mini roo ( who is only the size of a large pigeon mind you ) had pecked her poor little head bloody. I rescued her, cleaned her up and put back in. They all settled down, and she was asleep with everone in just a few minutes. I thought wonderful, everything is fine, its all worked out great.

    Next day, same thing happened. She goes on about her own business during the day, and is picked on by my mini roo at night. Big Roo tries to protect her, most of the time, but then its like he "allows" mini roo to get her for a second, and then intervenes again.

    I'm afraid to separate them now, and then have to RE-introduce her again later and have the same thing happen all over again. Will they eventually work it out? I know chickens have their pecking order, and this is all part of the process, but I feel terrible for her!

    Also, I have 6 chicks ( 2 RIR, 3 Red Sex-Links, 1 White Silkie ) in the brooder now. When they are big enough, how should I introduce them??

    Thanks for your help!!
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    Please rewrite your post. You must have been editing out the information at the same time the other two extras were being deleted. Sorry about that!
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    Mar 16, 2010
    No Problem, thankfully I had copied and pasted it when i was having trouble getting it to post the first time! And then it poste like three times...and truly it has been just one of "those mornings" already! [​IMG]
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    Mar 16, 2010
    Anyone able to give me any pointers?
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    Oct 7, 2010
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    It is best to keep the newbies in the integration pen for 2 weeks minimum where all chickies can see each other. This allows them to safely get familiar with each other. When the big day comes just hang out and watch how they enteract. There still will be some scuffles as the newbies are initiated into the pecking order.

    One tip is to have plenty of treats to distract the group.
    2nd tip is it is better to integrate in pairs then just one.
    3rd tip is to integrate during free range time. This has the main group in a more fun relaxed setting to were they are to busy to notice the new arrivals.

    Always be prepared for the one integration that just goes wrong. Chickens can be funny about who they want around.
    If it is just one chicken being the bully, try seperating the bully out for a day or to. This knocks the bully down in the pecking order which can cause the naughty bully to no longer be a bully.

    I am sure others can offer more great tips. Also as there are alot of threads on the topic, you can research them to see how others where helped
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    Jul 22, 2010
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    Heres my story about adding one hen to my flock. I have 10 RIR hens & 1 RIR cock. A freind was down to his last dominique pullet & I took her. At first every evening I would put her on the roost with the flock & she would sleep with them. Then in the morning I'd cage her up in the coop.I did this so they would get use to her. Finally, I quit caging her & let her do her own thing.My roo makes sure that she gets on the roost every night so thats good. Well three weeks have now gone by but they still won't except her. They don't beat her up they just run her off. I'm hoping that one day they will except her. I will never just add one to my flock again. To be honest I don't ever want to integrate again.
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    Do you have a small cage or kennel that you can pop that unwelcoming roo into? Keep the kennel or cage in the coop (if you have room) and before roost, put him in the jail. Morning when you let everyone out, let him out.

    I would do this for 4 days to a week. Then see what he does at roost time.

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