New Hen with a soggy Bottom

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    May 11, 2016
    I just acquired a new hen for my little flock of 4. The previous owner had mentioned that she periodically lays shell less eggs. I figured this was just a lack of calcium or being stressed in her past environment. I have her quarantined in a large dog kennel until I'm sure she is healthy. It's been a few days and I have noticed that her rear end is quite messy and damp. She has layed an egg that is very well formed with a strong shell yesterday and her stool looks normal. Could this indicate an underlying problem? I was thinking of adding some tetracycline 250 to her water as a precautionary measure but just read on the package that it shouldn't be used in laying birds... Right now she is getting oyster shells and Stress Aid in her water.
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    Soggy bottom? Gleet???

    If it is gleet @Beekissed did some magic on it and shared her treatment in the "The Road Less Traveled" thread.

    A good washing of the affected area (maybe using Dakin solution?). Then Nu-stock ointment applied thoroughly around, onand Bag Balm applied over that to seal it in. Also some feather trimming, if I recall correctly.

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    Some chickens just tend to get messy vent feathers from a loose dropping or extra fluff catching the droppings. The best thing to do is to periodically clean her vent area with some soap and water, and trim any excess feathers if it keeps happening. Flies will lay maggot eggs in the poop which can be a danger during hot weather, so it's good to keep her clean.

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