New herb garden question


May 2, 2020
About two weeks ago I planted my first herb garden with sage, chamomile, basil, mint, and lavender. Yesterday I noticed a bunch of tiny mushrooms under the herbs and throughout the soil. I have no idea what type of mushroom they are, if they are harmful to the herbs or harmful to my chickens. Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms these might be and if they are harmful? Do I need to wory about starting a new herb garden? Thank you for any comments or advice.


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I have no idea what kind of mushrooms those are or if they pose any risk to your chickens. I personally would not worry about it but I honestly am not sure.

The mushrooms will not harm your herbs.

Garden soil or potting soil typically contains a lot of wood chips or ground bark in various stages of rotting (or composting if you prefer that term). It's' not that unusual for mushrooms to sprout in them, especially if they are pretty moist. It just means your soil has a lot of good stuff in it. If the chickens have access to it I'd expect damage from them, not the mushrooms.

Your herbs need a certain amount of moisture down where the roost are, but too much wet at the soil surface can cause problems, like damping off. Try to water those in a way that the soil stays damp (not wet) but the soil surface stays fairly dry.

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