New here and needing help with chicks!


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
Hello everyone, this is my second time hatching chicks and I'm panicking a little. All together 5 chicks have hatched so far, however one that hatched this morning and it came out covered in blood, I managed to clean it up but she hasn't been making progress like the others. So far all she has done is sleep while the others are running around like crazy, I've one seen her eyes open once for a second. I really don't want her to die, is there anything I can do to help?

Welcome to BYC!

Sorry about your chick. Does he appear to have the yolk sac at his butt still out? Not absorbed? If this is the case, you can wrap his back area in a damp paper towel to help keep that area wet so it absorbs a bit easier. But I would also separate this one out and get him under some high heat. About 100 degrees. Sometimes these types of premature chicks need extra heat to continue with life. Other than this, I am not sure you can do much else. If he is at all eating, try chopping up some warm hard boiled eggs for him. These are emergency food for chicks and can really perk them up in this condition he is in. Clean up what he doesn't eat right away so it doesn't grow bacteria in the high heat. These are the things I would do if he were my chick.

You can also post this question in our emergency section or our raising baby chicks section for more help...

Good luck with your baby and I hope the little guy pulls through.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your chick, TwoCrows gave you some good advice and links to post on, if you see any problems with your chick you might want to post a picture, this article has pictures of chicks with yolk sack problems about 3/4 down the page you can look at if the chick has anything like that
Thank you, I'll definitely try giving her boiled eggs and more warmth, maybe that's all she needs. And thanks for the article, the pictures were very helpful.
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