New here and new to be chicken raiser


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Norfolk VA just passed an ordinance allowing BYCs yesterday... I plan on raising 4 hens in the spring and I need everything to get started first of all I need to construct a coop and I have no idea where to start, any tips, links, advice on first time coop/run building is appreciated ... I plan to be ready for chickens in early spring ... march time frame.

I plan to build the coop adjacent to my 24 x 30 garage on the west side of the structure, this gives me 24 feet long by say 6 to 8 feet for the run/coop this location makes it convenient to add electricity for heat and lights. I certainly could go bigger than 6 to 8 foot wide but if not required I would prefer to stay within a 20 x 8 foot footprint that is 160 square feet or 40 sq. foot per hen for the entire structure run and coop ... Maximum amount of birds is 4 hens in Norfolk. I plan on raising standard hens.

Thank you in advance. Lou

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Welcome to BYC. Go to the "Raising backyard chickens" forum and locate the 'Coop and run design and construction--' section for some ideas.

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