New here and new to raising chickens too


9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
I'm hoping/planning to get a few chickens at the end of the month and found this place while searching for chicken tractor plans! I've got 3 Ameraucana chicks reserved for me the the feed store (though based on what I've been reading here I guess they'll be Easter Eggers??) and I found someone on craigslist who breeds Silkies for show and hope the get a blue and a black from her as well. I am so excited to get chickens!! I just need my hubby to build me a chicken tractor... He's not too keen on this chickens in the backyard idea, seems to think its odd and kinda pointless, but I'M excited and I'm sure my kids will love it too!

So if anyone can recommend a tractor design that is inexpensive to build I'd appreciate it! I'm thinking either one of those A frame ark tractors, or the one at looks pretty cool too.

And since the 'Ameraucanas' from the feed store are probably Easter Eggers, where do you get actual Ameraucanas or Araucanas from?
Welcome to BYC!!!

I can't help you with a tractor design, I kinda just draw my plans up by hand and I'm winging it - yikes!

Maybe try the library for Chicken coop books with plans. I went to mine today and got two great books on chicken coop designs and raising chickens.
Welcome! You're going to love having chickens! They are so fun to watch clucking about their day. It won't be long and your hubby will be hooked, too.

Sorry I don't have any first hand experience on tractors or Araucanas, but put those words in the BYC search and you'll get several suggestions to conversations on the same topics.

Glad to see you're doing research BEFORE getting the chicks! Best wishes for fabulous chicken adventures for you and your family!
I just remembered that at the way very top of every page there are helpful links. One of those is Coop Designs. Click on that. It has tractors included. The search will be even more conversations about them.
Thanks, everyone, for the welcome and the tips!! Guess I'll just jump right in the forums with my questions!

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