New here, but not to poultry


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Dec 10, 2020
What's really new for me is our midget white turkeys. Love them! But I've had chickens, guineas, and pigeons most of my life--well since I was 3. I also had a pet ringneck pheasant cock who would sit in my lap during the days we kept pheasants. I'm about to turn 60. Besides birds, I raise gaited Mountain Horses, Galloway beefers, and keep a Jersey as a family cow and make cheese, butter, yogurt, etc etc. I'm in upstate NY now, but my late husband was AF so I've lived and kept livestock (including goats and llamas) all over. Right now we only have SL Wyandottes, a few light brahmas, and the turks. Well, and a few old GL Wyandottes that we haven't done in yet. My kids are finishing college, so the bantam cochins that used to be shown have gone to my mother's house for retirement. I'm a teacher and lawyer by profession. Pic is help with the Christmas tree.

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