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Sep 10, 2013
Central Massachusetts
Hi, my name is Melissa and im from Massachusetts... the worcester area. I just got my henhouse on Saturday and it came with 4 chickens. I had thought three of them were roosters, but i just recently learned that hens can have combs too.. had no clue! So now im not sure what I have! at any rate, I have always wanted chickens but never had the time/space. But now I own my own home on two acres and with my new hen house, the skys the limit! I have 6 kids, and we go through a lot of eggs, so thats one of the other reasons i"ve wanted them. On Sunday, the first full day of having them, my 5 year old and i went out and found an egg which we brought into the house and daddy cooked. my 5 year old loved it! he was so grateful, he went back outside and thanked the hen for the wonderful breakfast. So adorable. I look forward to meeting all of you.. lord knows i have questions!

Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Aww, that child sounds like a sweetheart! Have a browse through the
Learning Center, I'm sure it will answer some of your questions (there is an article on different combs types in there as well
). You are of course welcome to ask if you need help with something. Enjoy the site!

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