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We are jumping into chickens, and are super excited! We've wanted chickens for about a year, and had some major changes this year which put it on hold. We started homeschooling both of our boys at the beginning of this school year, and while it has been really fun it was super intense. We finally have our bearings, and are ready to make the jump to chicken raising. We spent the weekend making a hoop style chicken tractor, and it building it was revving the boys up. The local feed stores have quite a few chicks right now, but since the tractor isn't quite finished dh isn't allowing any chickies into the house. Party pooper! All we have left is the front and back of the hoop. The back will be easy, but the design for the front door keeps changing. DH is taking his first day off in almost a year tomorrow, so hopefully I can bribe him with a beer or six and we can knock out the rest of the tractor.

We're planning on starting with just 4 chickens, and see how it goes. The boys have names picked out for their chickens, and we've been spending time learning all about chickens. I really want a Frizzle or a Polish, but I may have to do quite a bit of digging to find one.
The kids will have so much fun with them . . . and you'll enjoy them even more!! I went with hearty breeds and good layers but now I wish I would have gotten a Polish.
Lots to learn and there's a wealth of info here.

from San Diego!
from Washington!!

We homeschool too!! We took on a project this year of incubating and hatching and so far the babies are doing good, they are due on June 13th, Can't wait!!! But it is a very good science project for the homeschoolers and the kids are all loving this! (mine and my sis-in-laws)
How exciting! The boys technically finished the school year a few weeks ago, but we're going year round with math so they don't lose what they worked so hard to gain. My kiddos just finished kindergarten and 5th grade. We had some adjustments, and I didn't feel like we'd really hit our stride until February but we survived and finished strong. We use an awesome charter school that provides near total freedom curriculum wise, and we receive a stipend for classes/curriculum. We meet once a month with our advisor, who is a total gem (and has homeschooled all of her children, 2 have recently graduated college).

I'm hoping that we can hatch a few eggs next year after we get the hang of having chickens. How fun to find someone who not only has chickens, but who homeschools as well!
Woohoo more East Bayers! We're in the tri-city area, and have been for the last 6 years. I just looked at the chickenstock thread, and unfortunately it's way too far. It looks like it's going to be a blast though! Maybe there will be something closer to our area in the future, or we could have a mini chickenstock in the Bay Area.
Hello to you down in San Diego! I'm so torn between the sturdy breeds, and the fun looking breeds. Hopefully in a few weeks I can find exactly what we want without having to order them.
from Bay Area transplant in Modesto!

Where was everyone all those decades I was in the Bay????

You gotta go to the Chickenstock this weekend!!!!!

I'm trying to keep my eyes open tonight so i can see how many of my eggs pip. One so far!

Before you order you should check out the site some more and you'll find there are a lot of members with chickens for sale.

And yes, Polish are one of my favorites. They are just to cool.

Oh and make that coop maybe a little bit bigger or able to be added to.

Chickens are addicting.
The footprint is 6x8, and we're planning on putting 4 birds in there so they're will be a little bit of room for more. I know we've said 4 but I'm pretty sure we'll end up with more of these fuzzy punks. I'll keep my eyes open to see what I can find around here.

I've been here my entire life! In fact, my parents grew up across the street from each other in the same town that my sister and I grew up in (Palo Alto). I'm pretty sure I was around the area when you were here. I'm only living 20 minutes from the house I grew up in. How pathetic is that?? I'm ready to make a move, and my husband is convinced that I was a farm chick in my former life. He's from rural Mississippi, and thought he'd ditched the country living until he met up with me. Huge surprise there!

How exciting about your eggs! What are they?
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