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    Mar 23, 2007
    planning on getting chickens. I have learned a lot from this forum....thanks.

    We had and lost ducks last year and I have been waiting all winter to get some more plus chickens.

    For my chicken coop:

    I am planning on using this over hang (2 sided w/roof) about 5'x5'x6'high for their coop. I plan on keeping the other 2 sides open because we live in the south and it's HOT during the summer. I want to build a raised mesh floor for easy cleaning underneath. I will use wire to cover the other sides. Off of this I want to build a run 10' x10' x 3'-4'high that's divided in two and alternate sides to keep the grass neater. I am planning on about 5 ckickens or so. Would this work? Alternate sides every week or so? I don't want to let my chickens run free until I can fence off an bigger area due to lots of wandering dogs. Any thoughts on this? Also should the nest boxes be in the coop or in the run or does it matter?

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    Hi there,welcome to BYC ! [​IMG]
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    Welcome amporter! [​IMG]

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