New Here with new chicks:


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Northwest Arkansas
Howdy all, im in NWA Arkansas and recently welcomed 6 new additions to our family zoo. We have been keeping Chickens for almost 2 years and recently parted ways with our production reds. They were almost 5yrs old and were no-longer happy with the confinement of the backyard, so off to the in-laws they went. They have a small farm with chickens and horses and they are already much happier. My son is 15 months and loves animals, especially chickens and pigs, or as he calls them Bock-bocks and Babe. We just purchased six EE pullets from our local Orschelans and they are full of energy and color. We were holding out for Barred Rocks, Astralorps, and Orpingtons but these EEs were too cute to pass up and the thought of all the egg colors sold my wife. Here they are, and if they don't look like EEs let me know what you think they may be.

The problem with EEs (if you could call it a problem) is you just don't know what you are going to end up with then they are this small. Because there is no breed standard, they are all over the place and all 6 could be completely different. I've had chicks that look very much alike but don't look anything alike as adults. All of mine have had green/grey shanks. You'll end up with a nice variety no matter.

#3 looks like a silver laced cochin if it has feathered shanks.
No feathers on shanks. I'm using grass from the yard instead of aspen shavings this time, it's what my father inlaw always uses. We might do some showing next year
They're all EEs, they have those trade mark beards and muffs ;)
I use lawn clippings as well, when they're available. I love them! They make the coop/brooder smell nice and the birds love to scratch thru them for all of the bugs that didn't escape the lawn mower blades. When the grass goes away I use dead leaves raked up from the yard :)
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You have some very cute chicks!!! It looks like the box you have them in is good too. If you aren't going to move them out of there for a while then in a week or two I would put something over the box so they can't get out. But make sure they can breathe. Haha. You could put some screen from a window or something over them and bees and stuff wont probably get in. They will try to get out and sometimes they might just make it out.
But again, VERY adorable chicks you have! :)
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I got the fever. Feed store had buff Orpington pullets today. Got two to add to my 6 EEs. Luckily they are the same age. I also found a local breeder of barred rocks so I might be getting 2 of those also

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