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Aug 6, 2016
My kids are obsessed with chickens, so we agreed to let them become "mini chicken farmers" they do most of the work (they are currently 12, 5, and 2, our 4 month old is to young to help haha!)

We built our own coop, and the chickens live with our goats to reduce the chance of predators. Our dogs keep the yard around the goat pens pretty safe, so we haven't had many issues with unwanted visitors!

So far, so good. ;)

I'm mostly here, because I wanted to figure out the best way to do things for the kids and to reduce issues since it really upsets my daughters when her chickens die.

We are raising a new batch now - and if she likes the raising them part, I told her she can use the incubator and try to raise a batch down the road from egg, to baby chicks, to outside in the coop.

We made them raise some older ones first that were ready to start laying (we got them between 14-16 weeks.) and they took care of them for a few months before I agreed to let her raise a batch of easter eggers.

If all goes well, I'll let her raise some in an incubator this fall -- We live in Texas, it doesn't get cold her until late nov-early dec. The local feed store told her they'd give her 50cents-1dollar per baby she brings in as long as she warns them before they hatch so they can be ready to advertise them. (I'm not sure if they'll take batches of 6-12, which is the size of her current incubator at the moment, so I'll have to look into that down the road too.)

(Okay i'm done now. hehe)
I don't use facebook. ;)

But your blog looks interesting. Especially on using water jugs for feeders, and starting plants. My daughter's garden was off to a rough start this summer (I'm pretty sure we planted at the wrong time, it was just too hot and not enough rain, even with daily watering.) So that may be a good way in the hotter months to grow before planting outside.
Greetings from Kansas and
. Happ you joined our flock. Beautiful family you have. Best of luck to you!
It's great when children get involved. Your kids look like they really enjoy the chickens.
They really do!

I also wanted to get turkeys, but my husband isn't sure he wants to deal with any other birds besides chickens! LOL I also wanted to try ducks - but he wasn't into it. :( I'm still hoping to convert him!
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