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May 24, 2020
Hi. I live in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. I have backyard chickens in the city. We are allowed to keep 6 chickens. Right now we havae a variety while we wait for our heritage chicks to grow out and see who is a roo and who isn’t. Obviously we can’t keep any roos in the city. My goal is a very colourful egg basket.
I’m a teacher and have a husband who teaches university, three kids (currently 9, 11, 12), 2 dogs (pug x pit bull & shar pei x American bulldog/Chow), 2 cats and fish as well as the chickens.
Whad chickens for several years but a new neighbour had a dog that kept jumping our fence and killing our flock (even ate three x three week old ducklings whole!). So we took a break from birds for three years until they moved away. Just started up our new flock 8 weeks ago and getting back into it. We have two batches ofchicks, the first one is 7.5-9.5 weeks old, second is 2-4weeks old. I just made mini flocks out of all the babies that were around the same age because we are in the city, we aren’t set up for larger groups and keep the littles in the house (for two more weeks until the youngest are 4 weeks old) and the bigs in the coop (hopefully able to take out those that are roos in next couple of weeks).


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