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Oct 22, 2020
From a very young age, I cared for family owned chickens. Usually, it was your classic rhode island reds from the farm store. As I got a bit older we moved into caring for some other animals (specifically we had la mancha goats and boer goats).

Once I moved out from own, I stepped away from animals and caring for them for a few years. Eventually I worked back into my love for animals, starting with a couple fish, then cats, then another dog, and once again chickens. I purchased a couple of hens this year from cackle hatchery (after buying a house and building my first coop for them).
I have been raising them nice and carefully, and absolutely love seeing them wander around the yard. I have two australorps (one who i believe might be a rooster), a golden Wyandotte, and a Dominique. I live fairly close to town, and have a fairly small family so I plan to keep my flock fairly small.

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