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6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
Greetings from the Willamette Valley! We got our first chicks on April 3rd and I have been reading BYC posts daily ever since. We have a Buff Orpington, a Golden Laced Wyandot, an Ameraucana, a Red Sussex, and an Australorp. They are doing great! We went to the feed store in March and I let each of the kids pick a breed (from the photo catalog!), then i picked two more.

My grown daughter has three hens that 'wintered' with us from Nov - Feb while she recovered from a broken ankle. Her 9 month old son, crutches and chickens were too much for her. LOL. We are excited to have our own. We bought sexed chicks, planning just for eggs, but I've been reading the Meat Birds section and now think we might expand next year. :)

Thank you all for your collective wisdom - I have already learned a TON!
Howdy from Kansas, elisebb, and
! Great to have you aboard! Best of luck to you and your brood!

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