New incubator...first run all hatched..Pic of all 11


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Jan 11, 2010
I bought a new incubator a few weeks ago and have the first lot of eggs hatching now. I was going to drive home for a quick look on my lunch break and check on the progress- but got caught up and couldnt leave... I am a little nervous about this first lot- and cant wait to get home in about 3 hours. Just had to post this to calm my own nerves a little..

Hope everything is going well for my little ones - the afternoon sure will drag on for me Im sure. When I left this morning there was around 8 of the 13 eggs with holes in shells or ducklings starting to unzip.

Come on 3.30pm..I want to go home...
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Post some pictures when you can!
One has hatched!!! I rushed home after work and found one little cutie hiding in the corner. 9 others have pipped so I will be up late tonight Im sure.
Thank Rollyard

I LOVE my new incubator.

29 days ago I put 15 eggs into the bator. 1 didnt develop- and just had the sad looking blood ring after 5 days. Of the others I saw clearly defined movement in 11 eggs when putting them into the hatcher. Of the three bad eggs - one was definately dead as I could see no veins- one had not lost enough moisture- so I didnt hold out much hope of that one hatching and the third I did see a little flutter of movement- but wasnt sure if was the duckling or me moving the egg.

I have 8 hatched now with the last three almost ready and should be hatched by the time I go to bed tonight.

I am so happy to have had such an easy hatch. I wish I had parted with my cash and bought the IM a long time ago.

Off to take some pics now..
Here they are... Well some of is still in the incubator, one is finished unzipping and is pushing out now...and the other two still unzipping.



I love that these guys are each so different I can easily tell them apart...for now..
I can only hope mine will start unzipping soon, no changes from 7hrs ago when I saw the 1st real external pip. But it's officially day 26 today so although mine could be early pipping they may take their time, as long as they don't take to long. I thought the 1st 25 days was long, this is going to feel like forever waiting for the hatching and then being able to take them out. However I have one egg that is questionable because of a dent in the shell on top of the air sac, I didn't feel very optomisit the night before last but as I looked in this morning, I saw it rock!! So, we'll see what happens in the next 24-48hrs!
If the last three come out then that is an excellent result, particularly when compared with my last hatch. Have heard some good things about the IM incubators so am sure you will be pleased with results overall. Pics look great & a few more mouths to feed now

FunnyBunnies12, good luck with your hatch also

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