new kitten


11 Years
Feb 23, 2008
Bolton, NC
I have a kitten that showed up in my coop and is eating the mice and chicken leaves the chickens alone and they leave it alone...I have no idea where it came from!!!! But as long as it leaves the chickens alone I figure I got myself a brand new mousetrap!!!!
Thats great. Great to hear it doesn't bother your chickens. I've got lots of cats, and have been lucky, not one of them bothers my chicks or chickens.
Sounds like you have a keeper there. Congrats!
Awww, that's nice.
One of my cats used to like to get into my chicken cage and take naps in there. At first I kept wondering, who keeps putting the cat in the chicken pen, then one day, I saw him climb to the top of the door and squeeze in.

this is my cat Josie, she keeps the eggs warm for the broody girls while they get something to eat. She is a tail-less manx cat who was dumped in a trash can at a nearby gas station when she was just a little idy bidy kitten.

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