New Large Portable Chicken Ark - What do you think?


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Sep 3, 2009
I just saw that Handcrafted Coops are now offering a large version of their Portable Chicken Ark for $799.
Does anyone own or have experience with one of these? I'm thinking of getting one. Thanks for your help.
You can buy plans for something much like that at

I was thinking about building one as a grow out housing for new pullets after the brooder but before they are ready to go in with the big girls. I think I've decided on something else. Witht he plans they are supposed to be really pretty easy to build and I bet you can do it for more like $250ish or so. I asked about it last week and there is a thread going at

You might want to check that out.
Id say $150 tops . . .

OP, send me $800, and Ill make it for you.
Even with shipping, Ill make a mint!
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I just built one very silmilar and am only in about 80 bucks or so. I did have some scrap lumber laying around, but I did purchase 2x4s and a sheet of plywood. I dunno - seems like a good chunk of change - but if time is short for you may be worth it.
We are building a Chicken tractor. So far a rough est. Ive got about $40 in treated wood $30 in wire...... I found an old lawn mower and got the wheels off of it. An I had some leftover metal roofing. I will try and up/load pictures when it is finished.

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