New law bans Muscovy Ducks!!!

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Cottage Rose, Thank you for providing another, easy to find link for this information!! It's going to take all of us working together to bring attention to this ridiculous law in such a short amount of time. We need every person who has any interest in protecting not only our pets and lively hoods, but our basic freedoms concerning what we can do on our own land and put (or NOT put) into our own freezers and on our tables, to help us get the word out about this law!!! This one, seemingly simple law that would appear to some to have little to no impact on them, will open doors for other breed bans and threatens our ability to live a sustainable lifestyle as well as will ultimately threaten our ability to protect biodiversity.

This is so frustrating
!!!!! For this law to get this far and NO ONE has heard of it before it is days from becoming an actual law and many of us becoming criminals in possession of illegal waterfowl...OMG?!?!?!?! I have sent information in my everyone in my email address books, as well as posted links to my facebook and myspace pages. I will be posting this on craigslist as well since there is a growing interest in sustainable living in my area that the muscovy duck play a key part in.... I realize that then they will be covered by the "produced for food" part of the new law however, I can NOT seem to locate info on where to obtain a permit in my state!! Every search last night led me back to the state of Florida for permits. My original purpose for getting our muscovy ducks was to help with fly control. They are unsurpassed MASTERS at devouring flies, not to mention keeping many other bug populations under control, and allowed us an affordable solution to the problem brought in by a neighboring Equine Rescue. Prior to this, I had been purchasing fly predator wasps, and cannot afford to do so any longer (their numbers far surpass what my budget can handle). So, after April 1st, I will be forced to only breed my feathered fly predators after obtaining the necessary permits as food for my table?!?

Please make sure that you (and everyone you can think of to contact) sign the online petition, contact your local and state representatives, and notify absolutely everyone that you can possibly think of to do the same!!! Help us to get the word out!!! If anyone else can think of any other steps that we can take to help put a stop to this craziness, please let us know, but you've got to be quick since we only have 27 days to get anything accomplished....
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