new layer doesn't like her eggs being taken....??


11 Years
Apr 26, 2008
Cypress, Texas
One of my EE's starting laying last week and so far she has layed 4 eggs in 6 days. I love it!! What I don't love is when I try taking them she boks at me and pecks my hand. I usually take them right after she lays so the other girls won't peck and ruin them (they are very nosey and always poking their heads in the nest box) Is this normal for her to protect her eggs? None of my hens have ever done this.
i usually wait until she gets off the egg before taking it

i am assuming this is normal ... every time i ever put my hand up a hens skirt i got pecked

I also have a new layer that was complaining very loudly to me yesterday when I went to get the egg. I just waited until she left to get the egg out of the nest.
The only time I take eggs from underneath a chicken is when she's broody and is "collecting" eggs laid after "we" have started brooding them. I would check once a day to make sure only the eggs I marked were there; newer eggs were removed.

For the rest of the girls, I just apologize when I open the hatch and they're still in the nest. I'll gather those eggs after they've gotten off them.
My girls will usually run in the coop as I am collecting them from the back. They have never pecked me. I always thank them and give them a little scratch on the back. They seem very proud.

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