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    Jul 10, 2014
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    I am completely new to chickens, all of my Easter Egger girls started laying in the past week or two. But today I noticed that Spot was hanging out in the nesting box almost the whole day and having no luck with laying her egg (I believe this is her 3rd egg). I decided to take a look at her this evening, when I pulled her from her box she was panting heavily. I examined her vent and could see that she was trying to push. And thanks to the abundance of information on this forum, I easily located her egg by feeling the outside of her tummy under her vent. I massaged the egg gently from the outside and she made funny noises, but didn't struggle. The egg came out easily into my hand after very little massage. I put her back into the yard with my other girls, but she still seems droopy. Her tail is down and her wings are down. Do I need to do anything else for her, or is she just tired from all the work she did today?
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    With the combination of all this blasted heat we're all experiencing, and the fact that she had some probs passing that egg, it could be that she's just stressed a little. I'd just keep an eye on her and see what of luck to you!

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