new layer laying think shelled eggs


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May 13, 2013
Thomasville, NC
One of our wyandottes started laying today her shell is very thin. There has been a lot of stress due to a raccoon got 3 of our chickens in the last few days. I have fixed the coop and ensured their safety even put in higher roosting bars. Our other hens eggs seem fine with a nice shell. should I just start laying out oyster shells or maybe there is another remedy?? Please help we are new to chicken raising. Thanks in advance!
New layers often have lay funny eggs while they are getting up to speed in their egg laying. The raccoon attack could very well be part of the problem at the moment since it was certainly a disturbance and the flock would still be upset. The Poultry Sites page for thin/shelless eggs lists common causes, if everybody else is fine, it is probably just her age and possibly the raccoon problem and she should straighten out in a few weeks or months.
It wouldn't hurt to offer oyster shell on the side to them.

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