*new layers* eggs for 3 days, now none


8 Years
Mar 5, 2011
I have a flock of RIR (10) and Barred Rock (5) last weekend I got a total of 3 eggs in 3 days (Sat, Sun, and Mon). But we have not gotten an egg since Monday. Is that normal? Is there something wrong with them, are they eating the eggs?
like you said .... they are new layers..sometimes they will lay an egg and then you will get nothing for a week...their bodies are adjusting so when it all begins to feel like clockwork to them you should see the egg numbers go back up. Just make sure they are on layer feed and be patient, it will happen.

also if they were eating the eggs you would find dried yolk or wet bedding inside the laying boxes. some new layers may be laying elsewhere so check the coop thoroughly, daily until you know for sure they are all laying in the nesting boxes. I had to train my RIR's by locking them inside the coop. check the run, mine laid them in the sand box for several days and some in the grass. Hence why I had to lock them in until they got a clue. lol.


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