New leader trying to kill old one.

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    May 23, 2013
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    As many of you know, I have been dealing with some super sick birds. My pox girls stayed outdoors receiving treatment for their illness and my respiratory infection girls were housed indoor receiving treatment. This divided the flock in half. One of the indoor girls was doing great and getting stir crazy, so I let her back out in the afternoon. She spent her day playing in the compost heap with no problems. Later in the day, I put two of the others outside. Everything seemed fine and it left me with only one inside who was still on an eating strike. Anyways, I go out to let the girls out this morning and it looks like a massacre took place. Blood was sprayed all over the walls. It was bad. I start to take inventory to see who was injured and figure out what happened and I see my ameruacana (a pox girl) trying to tear the comb off my white rock (a later in the day respiratory girl). I quickly break it up and bring the white rock in. Her comb looks terrible. Obviously I can't bring her back out for awhile.

    So my question is, how am I going to reunite these birds? Apparently in 3 days apart they have created a new flock where the ameruacana is leader and the white rock is not. Should I take the ameruacana out for a bit so she's the new girl?

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