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    I just feel like I need to share this, hmm, actually maybe its just my excitement so I want to share it.

    I’ve had another batch of 10 chicks hatch, so what’s so special about that? I had my first home hatched Cochin Bantam Frizzle hatch, and my first Silkie. When I first got my Silkies I started out with 4. 2 got taken by a snake when they feathered out, and I lost my very precious Nemo who had been fighting a eye infection for most of his life. So, all I have is Topaz in terms of silkies. Her mate is Rofl, who is a small-ish rooster.


    Topaz is my sweetheart, and she started laying a week ago. I couldn’t believe it! I had been waiting for this for AGES!

    I know that odds are against hatching very young pullet eggs. I wanted to give it a shot. So I set 2 silkie eggs, and 2 Bantam Cochin eggs in my batch that was due to hatch yesterday/today. (I have had 3 batches, the one that was due 2 days ago I only got 2 chicks out of, the 8 silkie and frizzle eggs didn’t hatch, this batch, and another batch due in a week)

    Apart from one of my dreams with my flock was to hatch my own baby silkies, it was also the same for Bantam Cochin Frizzles.

    Topaz and Leyla (named after a certain someone on BYC) started laying at the same time, bonus.


    So, all my mixed breed eggs and such hatched as they always do, but I waited, and waited for those frizzle eggs and silkie eggs to hatch!

    Luckily, all my eggs usually hatch during night. And they did, needless to say sleep was not in my favor this time.

    I had about 3 chicks hatch, when I heard the new peep of a chick that just finished pushing out of the egg. (Every time I heard that very specific cheep, I woke to see each and every one of them) and just as it was hatching the frizzle was finishing zipping!

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! I cradled it in my hands, and talked to her the whole time, it cheeped back every time and would push. It was having troubles so I just picked some of the shell off, basically finishing off her zip, and she was out.

    I fell in love, she was tiny, very tiny. Very precious, and very fragile.
    Sadly, I wasn’t there when the Silkie was zipping. It did that same specific cheep once it was out of the shell. I checked the incubator, I saw a white new chick. Didn’t catch on that it was a Silkie until I woke to see another new chick that hatched (Very bad I know……….) and saw the Silkie. I felt so lucky.

    The one other silkie and frizzle didn’t end up hatching.

    Im in love.



    And, i thought i would show you this gorgeous mixed breed chick, beautiful face markings, white belly, white stripes on her wings, too......



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    You should be proud....They are real beauties!
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    They're all beautiful! Congrats on the hatch, and thanks for sharing with us! [​IMG]

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