New Little Ones


14 Years
Apr 8, 2008
SW Indiana
Went into Rural King yesterday...came out with these:

Group Photo


Australorp (sorry, pic is large)

I'm suppose to get the ones I ordered tomorrow but when I saw the australorps I couldn't resist. They were my favorites of the ones I got last year.
Ummm...I didn't wait. I was going to be strong. I'm going to have to expand my hen house unless I end up with all roosters..which I hope I don't (of course, don't we all).

Mahonri, the SLW is a cute little fuzzy thing. There was another one there that I wanted to bring home but when the guy did the upside-down leg test (of which I really have no faith in) he pronouced the other one a rooster. I REALLY want this one to be a pullet.
i was in rural king (kokomo) and saw the chicks. i get mine in 6 weeks. i cannot wait much longer. if they were not straight run at rural king...i would go get a few until mine got here!!!

thank for the photos!!!
If you hold them by their legs and they fall straight down they are pullets, if they try to keeping coming back up, then roos. I think that is when they are tiny. Looks mean to me...

I'm amazed at how fast these babies grow!! I got new ones today...the ones I actually ordered...and they are so much tinier but only a few days younger.

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