New Mandarin Ducks Won't Eat! Please Help!


Jul 12, 2016
I acquired 4 Mandarin ducks from an exotic bird ranch unexpectantly over the weekend (Saturday) They are adorable and young, don't know the exact hatch date, but the owner said "this year's hatch" and over six months old. 1 male and 3 females. I have been giving them water laced with Niacin and bird vitamins, All Flock and green peas. I would try other veggies but I don't want to make a mess from uneaten food and I heard that they like to eat feed floating in water. I have ordered Mazuri Waterfowl Starter because it floats but I'm worried they will not survive till it arrives. They have bene raised on gamebird feed, we don't have gamebird feed here. They seem ok, but every day I look and the feed has not been touched. They like the water but I don't know if they are bathing in it or drinking it. They seem wild and flighty, they were housed in a large pen before with lots of other birds, but not much contact with humans. They are currently housed and penned in quarantine from my other ducks. I have ordered materials to make a habitat for them with a proper nest box.

What do your Mandarins devour, I'll buy lots of it. I'm desperate. Thank you.

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