New Meat Chicks one with strange sickness

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by rypie13, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Jun 6, 2008
    We received our order of Meaties Friday. That evening, we noticed one that could not walk. Looking at her legs, it didn't seem like spraddle legs, but she could not support herself. We hobbled her with a cut bandaid and took her to water so that she could drink. We saw then that she never opened her eyes, so we checked in the lids and there was a good looking dark eyball in there, but she continued to peck at the top of the waterer, not down where the water was.
    We separated her, and put her in a small box, with very easy access water and food, but as we took her to the water, I saw that there were bubbles coming from her mouth every time she tried to drink. She seemed to do this snapping thing with her beak, which turned out was her breathing. Anyway thanks to the Website we tried everything, syringe feeding with sugar water and everything... but about an hour later she was gone.
    When she died she pooped a very small yellow bit, then seemed to have had a burst of energy, because she was on top of the food, and then she vomited a large amount of what looked like a sandy blob--about the size of her head. I know she did not eat any food from the time we had her.
    This was not an easy death, because the end looked violent (I was comforting children and away for thirty mins.) So my concern is, could this be something that the other 24 may have? Can it just be a birth defect? The others appear to be doing well, but it makes me nervous -- I know we are going to eat them, but the kids and I can't take the babies dying!!! Is that weird?
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    No not weird, most people are attatched until about 1-2 weeks and then they are like... "I can't wait until I get these stinky things in the freezer!" It's all part of the package....

    and with that same package you just get weak chicks that can't support themselves and they seemed to be doomed from the start. Not your fault and it's not a strange disease, it just sounds like you have a weak chick on your hands. If they all start to drop then you may have a problem but I wouldn't worry about it.

    Good luck with the rest....

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