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Jul 30, 2016
My name is Teresa Cooley and I have been raising chickens since I was little. I thin of them as pets and God's beautiful creations. The problem I would like to address is my neighbor has never had a problem with me feeding his chicken. He never said I could only feed them once. he doesn't know how to raise them; he only gives them rice and no water. They have no protection from predators. All of a sudden today he stops me and yells "MAM, I WANT YOU TO STOP FEEDING MY CHICKENS. I WANT YOU TO STAY OFF MY PROPERTY. I KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN FEEDING THEM BEFORE AND TODAY." I know those chickens are going to die. He wants them to die a natural death so he can cook them up for a vitamise dinner in November. Which I think is sick. I think he could have asked me nicely not to feed them, but he was very controlling. I wish chickens had rights in Maine where I could protect them. Then he talked about me behind my back to another tenent saying, I just caught her doing it." And the tenent said, "I know."

I would like to know if what I'm describing is animal cruelty. I spoke to the police and they said this is a civil matter. Could someone please tell me what if anything did I do wrong. where as he never had a problem with me before.
Do you know for a fact that he's not feeding them? Then yes, that is animal cruelty. Do you have a local humane society you could contact? So sorry that is happening!
If he is starving them they won't be around for dinner in Nov. Oh boy, so much to deal with, and so many authorities who don't want to know about it.
Greetings from Kansas, Teresa, and :welcome. Great to have you here. While many on BYC raise chickens to eat, there is no excuse for neglect or mistreatment while the birds are being raised. I hope you are able to resolve this situation. Good luck to you.
Welcome..and I agree....get hold of the humane society. Sorry you have to see this. :/
yes i am sure this is happening because he told me he only gives them rice and allows them to eat flies. If I wan't sure, I wouldnt be on this site. The chickens come running when I was allowed over, and they saw i had food .
No wonder I like animals more than people! I would document everything and definitely report it to your local humane society. If they don't seem responsive, call PETA immediately at 757- 622-7382. I would continue to feed them when he's not around, and I would also leave food out! Thank you for caring about these poor chickens!!!!
Keep us posted!

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