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Jun 14, 2009
Hello all,

I have 10 laying hens (5 NH Reds, 5 Dominiques) and 12 14-wk-old chickens (6 RI Reds and 6 Black Star). We've been raising chickens for about 10 months and we use all the eggs in our local community. We also raise rabbits and sheep, and we have 8 horses. I've read these posts on occasion as we've gone along, and I wanted to throw some of my thoughts out there for "review".
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Hello, and Welcome!
I am also a new member and apparently we joined up at about the same time! You have been doing this longer than I have; I have only had a couple of months experience in it. I have 11 bantam chicks, 2 pea chicks, and 1 little pheasant chick that are a week old now that hatched out from eggs set by our little flock in an incubator. I have 2 more incubators going now. We have mostly a variety of bantams, silkies, and some really pretty specked/mottled bantams, I don't know their proper name. We also have white peacocks and golden pheasants. On our farm here in middle Tennessee we have registered black Angus cattle, numerous horses and donkeys, a few buffalo and a couple of emus. We have raised llamas and goats but don't raise them anymore. I wish that I could let my birds free range but I am afraid that all the varmints would just catch them and eat them! Between the coyotes, foxes, skunks, and yes, chicken snakes and hawks I am too afraid to let them roam around here loose. Are you able to let yours out to graze around the farm on their own?
Welcome! I'm very new 12 wk w. silkies and EE's. We have lots of hawks, snakes, Dogs, cats, ect. No I can never let them out. Large coop and run. Good luck to ya!

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