new member from middle Tennessee


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I am a new egg located in middle Tennessee. I accidentally found this site one day when I was desperately looking for info to help me out as a beginner to raising baby chicks. This site is amazing and everyone is so helpful so I thought why not be a participant? We have such a menagerie of animals here that many local school children refer to us as "the zoo"! My husband has always raised black Angus cattle, horses, donkeys, etc but we recently put in several coops and yards for chickens,pheasants,and some white peacocks. I most recently have hatched out some babies out of an incubator from eggs from our own little gang. We currently have 7 bantam mamas sitting on nests (4 different breeds) along with our white peahen sitting on eggs and a pheasant sitting on hers. We may be soon overrun with little ones!

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