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Sep 27, 2010

I've been reading tons of forum posts and thought it was about time to introduce myself.

We just bought a small rural home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this summer, and it came complete with a large chicken coop. We had bought local farm eggs for a while and thought it would be great to have our own little flock. Since we're also in the middle of the woods we also wanted some insect control -- those mosquitoes and ticks get nasty. So we asked around and found a lady nearby with some chicks in July.

Started out with six or so bantam chicks, some cochin, some silkie, some frizzle. Then we added three Wyandotte chicks, then five Muscovy ducklings, and now that they all are adolescents we also have added some older bantams, including a laying hen. (so far, she's the only one laying, though). Along the way we've given away some extra roos, of course, and still looking for homes for 3 more young roos. Now we have 13 chickens and 5 ducks. They free range during the day and cuddle up in the coop at night. So far, so peaceful.

Now we are getting this little flock ready for winter (they can be harsh up here) and looking forward to the gang growing up even more. It looks like before the snow flies we will be taking in a family member's birds, which are one duck (unknown type) and 13 more chickens (type also unknown) as they don't have the resources to keep them over the winter. That'll be interesting I bet.

Glad to hear from any other U.P. members, especially about winterizing! Also glad to hear from others who have mixed flocks like this. I look forward to learning from you all!


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Welcome to BYC


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I'm a Congessional Yooper! We're in the same US Congessional district. I live near the town where that guy who threatened Bart Stupak lives.

Anyhow, with winter coming there's a lot of winter threads. Patandchickens from Ontario is the expert here on winterizing.

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