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I’m wondering if I should be worried. I have 7 eggs in lockdown. All looked good when I put them in there. I have my temp at 37.5°C and I have had to wing the humidity because it doesn’t have a humidity sensor. I got freaked out last night because it was day 22 and no pipping, chirping, rolling etc. I candled one egg very quickly and saw the air bubble at the fat end of the egg and the chick filling up the rest. I also seemed to have seen what I think were feathers which is neat! Didn’t see the head near the air sack though...
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Hopefully! Kind of worried. I’m on Day 23 and no progress in lockdown meaning no rolling, pipping, chirping. I checked them before lockdown on day 18 and they all seemed to have been taking up about 80% of the egg with an air sack on the fat end. Humidity has been tricky because my incubator doesn’t have a humidity sensor. My temp has been at 37.5°c for lockdown. Hope this helps with where to go! :)

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