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Hi there! My name is Kathleen and I've been trying to talk the spouse into backyard chickens for years... For whatever reason I've been given the go ahead so I'm scrambling to find what I need to get started. I've got the space, I just need the coop and chickens, but I'm getting a little frustrated that so many of the pre-fabs that say they're for 4-6 are really only suitable for 2. I really would like to start with three but finding a coop for that is proving near impossible with my budget and I'm just not handy enough to build one. Hopefully I can figure something out soon!
Have you checked Craig's List for you area? I used to lurk on the Washington thread and people were always finding goodies on there, nice coops, sometimes with flock included when people loose their interest. Chain link dog panels which could make a run. Building materials, windows, wood, doors etc.

If you go to "where am I, where are you," in the social forum - you can locate and post on your state thread. Maybe you can find someone who could build a coop for you at a decent price, if you have materials ready for him.

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, you are keen to notice that most of these prefab coops are just too small for more than a few birds when they say they can handle more. Most people take the word of these coop manufacturers and stuff way too many birds into these coops. You might try looking at your local craigslist and maybe someone near by has a coop they are selling. Some members here have even built coops out of pallets for under $100. I am not that handy either so I understand your situation.

You might also check your state thread and maybe a member here on BYC that lives nearby can give you a hand as well...

Good luck with this. I hope you can get yourself a nice sized coop and lots of birds to go inside!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You've gotten some good advice on where to look for a coop / builder above, also don't overlook things that could be re-purposed into a coop, good luck in your search.
Oh wow, so welcoming! Thanks, everybody. I've managed to bribe my better half (with pastries, as I am a baker but never seem to bring anything home) into helping me retro-fit one of the pre-fabs. It has a blank wall that will easily accommodate at least two more nesting boxes as well as another roost. It should be pretty simple to extend the run so they have enough scratching room. I'm looking at this as a starter coop so we can get a feel for what's appropriate where we are. Ideally I'd like to rotate it through our vegetable garden so that the year we leave a patch fallow, that's where the chicken coop will be. Looking forward to the adventure!

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