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Dec 10, 2015
Sammamish, WA
Hi, My name is Jenna Gorham. I'm a new member from Sammamish, WA, a suburban town 45 min east of Seattle.

We bought our first chicks, 1 day old, from Baxer Barn in Fall City, Wa in October. They are 10 weeks old today. We have 4 chicks of different breeds. They are Black Sexlink, Buff Orpington, Partridge Rock, Easter Egger (Ameraucaua). They are still being kept in the garage in the coop since the chicken run/roof isn't complete yet. We'll move the coop to the backyard to go in the chicken run when it's all set up.

My husband found while doing our search to learn more about keeping chicks, chickens and setting up brooders and chicken coops. It came up in internet searches on those subjects.

I am a full time mom and like to train for running races and triathlons. I eat Paleo which includes a lot of eggs in my diet. We've met a number of friends who keep chickens and we decided it would be a good way to get fresh, free range eggs and the kids would enjoy their new pets. We had hoped to get 8 chickens to supply all our egg needs, but we were disappointed to find out that our city limits the number of small outdoor animals of any kind to 3. We go through over 2 dozen eggs a week.

Our family of 4 (2 girls ages 8,15) loves dogs. We have one black lab who is a trained bird hunting dog. I've been working with her around the chickens in our garage. The chickens are now comfortable with the dog and I can have them all loose together without any incident other than the dog eating the bird poop or dropped chicken feed.

My younger daughter loves dogs and now chickens. She is incredibly good with them and helps notify us when things aren't right. She was the one who notified my husband and I that our easter egger had pasty bottom on the 2nd day we had the chicks. Both my kids help with the animals.

We live in a wet, cool climate and our neighborhood is temperatures are moderated by the very tall evergreen trees that are all around us. We are building a chicken coop with a metal roof in part to protect the birds from the rainy weather as well as from all the debris that falls from the Douglas Fir and Cedar trees above it. During our wind storms, it is normal for 10 ft long branches to fall in our backyard. We had a 40 ft. Douglas Fir fall into our yard a couple weeks ago, narrowly missing the chicken run that is in the process of being built, so we know it needs to have strong support for the roof.


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Jul 4, 2015
I work in Sammamish, but live n North Bend. We have three chickens that we got this spring as day old chicks (2 EEs and 1 BO). They have been lots of fun for all of the family (I have two elementary boys). We bought our coop from Baxter Barn, and we have visited many times before the chickens. This weather has certainly been crazy huh? My poor ladies have really had no way to escape the wetness (even with a partly covered run) cause everything is just so wet! Enjoy those girlies!

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