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Oct 14, 2018
North of Houston
Hello everyone. Our family is new to chickens, we recently acquired eight 2 week old pullets. I have wanted chickens for years. I stalked friends who have them, had friends take me to chicken owners homes to meet and see their set ups. I’ve tried to learn from others experiences and knowledge but eventually you just have to go for it. Our chicks are now 4 weeks old. We have a pet bunny in a front room sectioned off with a plastic baby fence so we put the chicks there. The chicks stay the night in the bunny’s first cage, he has a repurposed dresser/bunny condo now. We open the gates when we are home and they all hang out peacefully together. Coup build is underway.
Our gaggle of girls consists of one each of the following breeds;
Blue Australorp
Americana Easter Egger
Crested Cream Legbar
Speckled Sussex
Cinnamon Queen
Buff Brahma
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

I look forward to talking chicken and learning from others on this site.



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