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Oct 25, 2018
I am new member to BYC & Chickens! I have a total of 6 chickens. I started with 2 Reds and 2 Barrocks (all females). Then I found these pretty little Lavender Orpingtons. I got this crazy idea that I needed to start a farm! Mind you I am a bit skittish about flying and pecking so it was a rough start. I am trying to introduce my new little girls with the big girls and well it's not going so well. So when I found this group, I thought awesome help with all my chicken related questions...and there will be many! I do have a helper gathering our flying, pecking friends, my wonderful 12 year old daughter, for whom I named our little farm after... My Girl's Farm and Goods. Happy to be here and look forward to great learning and kinship :)


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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi, nice to have you here with us!

Integration can be stressful (for both the chickens and their owners). I've used the "look but don't touch" method before and it's worked well. You'll be able to find posts about it using the Search function but basically it means the new chickens are separated from the existing with a barrier they can see through (like chicken wire or plastic mesh) but they can't hurt one another. After a while (maybe 2-3 weeks) everyone is used to each other.

Best of luck to you, thanks for joining us!

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