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Sep 19, 2019
Technically, we are not allowed chickens in our neighborhood but
I started two red sex links chicks a few years ago. They became our best pet then they were too loud. I gave them away to my friend who owns a farm. I did more research and tried 4 different chicks that might be quiet breed, however one of them had crazy egg song so we kept two quiet ones and gave two away(crazy egg song and her buddy). Anyway, my kids were sad but still happy with two. After a few months, one of them became like a dog and started to bark 5 am at our patio. Probably learned from neighbor dog to get our attention. No neighbor was complaining but my husband wasn't happy. Finally gave up chickens. :(
I learned so much about chickens and from this experience, we started a new flock. We made incubator and ordered quail eggs online. Now we are a owner of 6 quails chicks(different colored cotunix) and still learning about them.
I have two kids who love animals and I brew own kombucha, manage a small garden and I work on worm compost. We live in AZ so it seems challenging to keep up with all.
I love diy project. I loved lots of posts that people shared their own project.
Thank you.
I’m so glad that you have discovered quail! Even the trill of the males should not be a big issue.

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