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make way for ducklings

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May 31, 2020
Hey, friends!
So excited to finally join BYC after gleaning much information from y'all over the years!

A little about me:
- I've raised chickens for about 9 years and ducks for about 3 years.
- My flock currently consists of about 17 chickens (Ameraucanas, Bard Rocks, Cuckoo Marans, Production Reds, Speckled Sussex, and other breeds) and 2 ducks (Welsh Harlequin and White Pekin).
- I am a Christian, a nursing student (graduating in December - YAY), an artist, and an avid bird watcher.

Looking forward to meeting all y'all!


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Aug 8, 2019
Happily caught in the 'Denton vortex', Tx
My Coop
My Coop
Welcome one, welcome all, remember in time you too will see that "chicken math" Is. A. Thing.


On a serious note, how close to thee river or the coast do you live?

Reason being, Allen posted an update on the first potential development for the gulf hurricane season. It's over in the Texas thread.

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