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Aug 2, 2020
Centertown, KY
Hi, everybody. I am new to raising back yard chickens. I am enjoying every minute of it. In May I bought my first four chickens from my daughter's best friend: a rooster and a laying hen - both silkies, and two other hens who will start laying this fall (unfortunately I lost one of those hens last week to the heat). I enjoyed them so much I would sit outside and just watch them forever! I had to go get more. I bought 6 more pullets (I'm a bad chicken mother, I can't remember the names of the chickens I bought, I can only say that I bought black ones and that 3 are one kind and 3 are another kind). I loved having baby chicks and watching them get their feathers. I loved watching them interact from their coop to the chickens in the big coop. It has been a real learning experience. My dogs also seem to be adjusting well to being chicken dogs. They do NOT like having other dogs in their yard and keep them away from the coop. One of the dogs does GREAT around the chickens. The other one I try to keep away because I'm afraid her barking stresses them out too much. My daughter is really enjoying helping me with the birds. This has been a delightful experience!

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