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Oct 8, 2015
We are starting to raise chickens again. We had them many years ago. We are interested in heirloom chickens and docile roosters. We have just built a very nice chicken house. Now we need to put a nice big run for them. We have many predators in our area so it will be very predator protected from the top and 3-4 feet into the ground. The only thing I am worried about getting into the house is snakes. I don’t know how to keep them out. We are going to put an electric auto close door on the house. We probably won’t free range because of the hawks and owls, Fox, skunks, coyotes, possum, badgers, raccoons that we see at least weekly. They will have a very nice run out of the chicken house. It will be 12x20. We plan on having about 12 hens and a rooster. If any one has any other suggestions please let me know. Thank you.

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